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Sewer Pipe Relining
  • June 03, 2021
  • William

ALL of the plumbing fixtures, drains, and pipes in your home are connected to the biggest (and most important) piece of plumbing in your entire home; your main sewer line.

Everything that gets pushed or flushed down a drain ends up in this pipe system.

Suffice to say, when a sewer pipe needs to be replaced, you want it to be replaced fast and by expert hands. Traditionally, repairing a broken sewer pipe has meant extensive digging and replacing (meaning time and money!) 

Nowadays, Sydney homeowners can save thousands of valuable dollars by using Sydney Relining Company and our pipe relining services. We offer professional pipe relining services in Sydney to customers dealing with sewer line problems.

Pipe relining is known as a “no-dig” or “trenchless” solution to repairing broken, cracked or blocked pipes. Pipe relining is considerably less impactful than the traditional “dig it up and replace” method of fixing broken pipes.

Not only is it less impactful, but pipe relining is quiet, quick and clean, which is why it’s becoming the go-to service for Sydney Homeowners who are looking for a long term solution that won’t disrupt the home or garden.

We’ll go through it in more detail now. 

Signs Your Sewer Pipe Needs Repair

#1 Old Age

Think about the age of your home - was it built 20+ years ago? In that time do you know whether the sewer line has been replaced? Sewer lines and pipes tend to become more fragile over time and fail more frequently. Even if you’ve owned your home for 5 years or so, how often have the pipes been inspected? Book in an inspection now. 

#2 Consistent blockages 

If your home is facing consistent blocked drains and toilets, it could be a sign of a failing sewer line. Remember this: everything that goes down any drain in your property will end up in your mainline (otherwise known as your sewer line). 

#3 Strange sounds and smells

Bubbling, gurgling and burping sounds coming from the toilet and pipes is a sign of a clog in your sewer line. Similarly, if you start to smell something foul or composting - it could indicate a clog and needs to be investigated. 

#4 Landscape changes

Have you noticed a change in your garden soil, or lawn? Can you see a specific spot that is damp, sodden and muddy? Or unusually fertile and green? This could be a crack in your sewer line feeding excess water to that area and needs an expert eye to check it out. 

#5 Water fixture clogs

If you’ve noticed water backing up in the sinks, drains, showers and toilets (or maybe it’s happening in one specific area) and taking a long time to drain? This could be a sign of a mainline clog. 

#6 Unusually high water bills

An unusually high water bill could indicate a crack in the sewer line and your system working overtime to pump more water through it. 

#7 Low Water Pressure

This means water is being pushed harder through pipes that are probably blocked. It’s time to investigate. 

#8 Insect Infestation 

An insect infestation may also be a symptom of a broken sewer line. Small insects such as cockroaches and drain flies have an easy time getting through cracks in your sewer line. 

#9 Cracks in foundation 

If the main line running under your foundation slab develops a crack or leak that goes untreated for a prolonged period of time, a void may develop under the foundation or in the yard. This may lead to foundation problems such as cracks in your foundation!

#10 Closely situated trees

If you have a big, leafy tree right up against your home or very close in your backyard, chances are that big tree is trying with all its might to get into your pipes and feed off the nutrient-rich water and waste flowing from your home. Even a hairline crack can see a powerful tree root infiltration that could wreak havoc on your sewer line in no time at all. The tree roots create massive blockages and you’ll soon know about it. 

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is also referred to as CIPP (Cured In-place Pipelining) is a revolutionary method of repairing a property’s broken, cracked or aging pipes. In this advanced process, there is no additional cost of digging up and replacing the existing pipelines. 

With pipe relining, you create a new pipe within the existing pipe. 

Pipe relining attempts at repairing the damaged pipes by curing them from the inside with the help of a unique resin. At Sydney Relining Company we use a two-part epoxy resin. 

The resin is pulled through the pipe (with the help of some machinery) and expanded to leave a hard fibreglass shell that creates a hard, long-lasting pipe. The new pipe is up to 4 times stronger than a new PVC pipe and is perfect for sewer pipe repair.

The hardening or “setting” of the resin produces a brand-new, fully operational channel without involving any arduous digging process.

Sounds too good to be true? 

Well, it isn’t, and Sydneysiders are now taking advantage of this technology to reinforce and repair their damaged sewer pipes, stormwater drains and more.

What is Pipe Replacement?

Pipe replacement is also known as the “dig and replace” method of replacing broken, damaged or old pipes. 

This is the traditional method of fixing faulty pipes. 

The process of pipe replacement involves digging up the ground around the affected pipe area. It could involve breaking through the concrete in your property, whether it is your paths or driveway. It could also see extensive digging in your garden not to mention renovations through your house. 

Once the digging has exposed the pipes, the damaged section gets removed. A new pipe replaces the removed pipe section.

While pipe replacement might sound an easy method, it could turn into a major job very quickly with multiple factors and costs to be considered. The digging, the labour hire changes, the equipment hire charges, the time your pipe network will be “down” and unusable, not to mention the cost of the replacement pipes and any other costs involved in repairing junctions, drains and then putting everything back the way it was.

It’s for these reasons why most homeowners prefer pipe relining over pipe replacement for repairing damaged, cracked or broken pipes. 

For the best outcomes, you can speak with our team at Sydney Relining Company. Chat to us today by calling 0420 102 202.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining Over Pipe Replacement For Your Sewer Pipe

Pipe relining and pipe replacement are two very different methods. The biggest benefit to pipe relining being that it’s fast and more affordable than traditional methods. Plus the new pipe systems are up to four times stronger than a new PVC pipe and come with a 50 year life expectancy. 

Here are the main benefits of pipe relining over pipe replacement: 

#No Need for Excavation

If you wish to remain hassle-free during a pipe repair project, opt for pipe relining. As the process is simple, there is minimal disruption for your property and the neighbours. As the process only involves digging a hole for inserting the lining, there is no need for excavation. 

Pipe replacement on the other hand, will see the need for digging up lawns, backyards, potentially driveways and footpaths to repair and replace the broken or cracked sewer pipes. This is an incredibly costly exercise. With pipe relining, now there is another way.

#Ease of Installation

Conventional pipe repair methods like sewer pipe replacement can take several days to dig and clean up the area. Pipe relining is hassle-free and takes minimal time. We aim to have your pipe relining job started and completed on the same day. Therefore, it is the best solution for people having busy schedules. It takes less than a day time to complete the project. 

There is no detailed monitoring involved in this project. You only need the assistance of our experienced and licensed plumbers to complete the job professionally. 

#Reduced Costs

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to repair the sewer pipes? Pipe relining is highly convenient as it is less expensive in comparison to other traditional “dig and replace” pipe repair methods.

Our pipe relining experts deliver services with utmost precision.

#Long Lasting 

If you dig and replace a broken or cracked pipe, there is no guarantee you won’t have to repeat that process over and over. Especially if your property is prone to tree root infiltration! 

With pipe relining, the new pipe is stronger, more durable and has a longer life expectancy with 50-years being the average lifetime of relined pipes. Relined pipes are also impenetrable by tree roots. You’ll squash those nasty roots once and for all. This helps in minimizing the costs of future repairs.

#Preserving the Landscape

Is the damaged pipe under an area that is hard to access? Will there be repairs in your property needed for replacing the pipes? Or, will a portion of your backyard or lawn be dug up for replacing the pipe? A broken pipe does not necessarily imply a dug-up property or garden area. With pipe relining, there is no such need. With a small hole made, the damaged pipe can be easily repaired. As such, your landscape will be preserved effectively. 

#Efficient Water Flow 

Your new, clean relined pipes (free from blockages and debris) will handle the demand of flowing water and waste through your plumbing system like never before. 

The Sydney Relining Company Process of Relining Your Sewer Pipe

With as much as 35 years of durability guarantee, The Sydney Relining Company is a one-stop destination for all your Sydney pipe relining requirements.

Our plumbing specialists here have over 25 years of relevant expertise in the industry of trenchless pipe relining process.
Our experts follow a comprehensive, step-by-step process to analyze the site and come up with a detailed plan for repairing your main sewer line.

At Sydney Relining Company, we make use of the innovative Brawoliner relining system that has been imported from Germany.

It is a world leader when it comes to implementing successful trenchless pipe relining projects.

Our step-by-step process for pipe relining is as follows:


We get on-site to your property and investigate your plumbing and pipe problem thoroughly before providing you with an informative and easy to understand pipe relining quote.


Using a CCTV camera hooked up to a real-time monitor we will get eyes on your pipes and see exactly what is going on inside your plumbing system. This is a detailed overview and we’ll be taking into consideration your pipe condition, any blockages, ease of access and other things that will result in how easy or hard your pipe relining job will be.

The Plan

Depending on the level of damage, our team lays down a detailed plan for repairing the pipe or pipes.

The Big Day

We then schedule a particular day in accordance with your schedule to switch off the mainline (you’ll have no access to water or facilities as we reline the pipes) and get to work.

Clean and Clear

Using a number of professional high-pressure tools, our expert team will clear the debris, blockages and material from your troubled pipes so that the relining process is smooth and professional.

New Pipe Created

Your new ‘pipe within a pipe’ is created using the pipe relining method of a two-part epoxy blend inversion liner.

The New Pipe is set or cured

Using one of three methods, your pipes are ‘set’ or cured. This means the resin hardens and becomes a fully functional pipe.

Inspect and approve

A post-process inspection is done to ensure that the pipe has been repaired effectively.

Voila! You have new pipes.

The Materials Used To Reline Your Sewer Line

Sydney Relining Company uses a technology called Brawoliner to reline your sewer pipes. 

Simply - it’s the best available on the Australian market. Brawoliner is an innovative German technology created for repairing pipes without the need for excavation. Unlike many of the other liners, the Brawoliner® products are an Australian Watermark approved product ensuring the warranty advertised is backed legally. The watermark scheme was implemented in 2016 and is mandatory in Australia for plumbing and plumbing related drainage products. It means the products get tested to ensure they comply with our high Australian standards. 


Brawoliner continues to be manufactured strictly in Germany and exported to Australia for the Australian market to only licensed and certified Brawoliner installers. It also has elastic qualities that enable it to maintain its resilience throughout multiple bends and tapers.

Our team has travelled internationally to become experts at using Brawoliner technology. You can read more about it here.

Watch this video for more information on Brawoliner. 

If you would like to learn more about Pipe Relining, Brawoliner and the materials used in pipe relining plus how we maintain our superior service standard, please give our team a call now or request a quote through our website. 

Researching Pipe Relining to reline your sewer pipe?

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At Sydney Relining Company, we are pipe relining experts. We can be onsite at your property, inspecting and quoting on your pipe relining job faster than you think - and the process is not as scary as it sounds. It’s really very simple and fast when you use the world-class tools and technology that we stand by AND when you work with licensed, experts like our team.

You can call us on 0480 024 323 to book in one of our specialists to attend your property for a zero obligation inspection and quote.