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Sydney Relining Company Can Reline Your Pipes
  • May 28, 2021
  • William

Not many homeowners know a lot about Pipe Relining. That’s what we’re here for (hint, hint). 

So a common question we get asked is “Does Pipe Relining Actually Work?” and “What is Pipe Relining?”

This article will aim to answer your pipe relining questions and set your mind at ease. 

Before we start, if you’re in the midst of finding a local, trusted, pipe relining company in Sydney and you want a quick and easy-to-understand quote, please contact our team at Sydney Relining Company now on 0480 024 323.

OK, let’s go!

One of the most complicated home maintenance projects you’ll face as a homeowner is repairing pipes. When faced with a broken, cracked or aging pipe your first instinct will be to replace it. This is normal, because “dig and replace” pipes is a conventional way of dealing with plumbing issues. However, pipe relining provides a new, much less invasive and expensive way to repair your pipes! 

Keep reading. 

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is also referred to as CIPP (Cured In-place Pipelining). It is a revolutionary method of repairing a property’s broken, cracked, or aging pipes. In this advanced process, there is no additional cost of digging up and replacing the existing pipelines. 

The simple process of pipe relining sees a new pipe created, set, and cured within the existing pipe. 

Pipe relining repairs the damaged pipes by curing them from the inside with the help of a unique resin. At Sydney Relining Company, we use a two-part epoxy resin. 

The resin is pulled through the pipe (with the help of some machinery) and expanded to leave a hard fiberglass shell that creates a hard, long-lasting pipe.

The new pipe is up to four times durable than a brand-new PVC pipe and is ideal for repairing sewer pipes.

The hardening or “setting” of the resin produces a brand-new, fully operational channel without involving any arduous digging process.

Sound good? 

What is Pipe Relining?

There are several plumbing problems for which pipe relining is used.

Before we get into those reasons - please note:

As a family-owned and run company, we offer the best solutions for your pipe relining needs. We would never suggest a service that is not suitable (or necessary) for your property and pipes.

What is necessary to determine whether your pipes require relining is an on-site inspection. You need to choose a pipe relining company that takes the time to ‘get expert eyes’ on your pipes before giving you any quote or guarantee. Please take the time to find a service provider who will do this.

At Sydney Relining Company we typically carry out an on-site inspection of your property’s pipes with a pipe camera hooked up to a CCTV so we can see exactly what is happening inside your pipes, whether there are any obstacles that would get in the way of a pipe relining job and assess access points, and the set up of the plumbing system. Only then, we can provide you with a thorough and easy-to-understand quote detailing your options for fixing your pipe issues.

Reasons Why Your Pipes Need Relining 

Broken, cracked and damaged pipes can occur for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons Sydney homeowners face is tree roots. These buggers can sniff out a hint of water from far away and reach out to find the smallest crack in your pipes to sneak their way inside.

Once they’re in the tree roots will establish an extensive, thick connection as they feed on the nutrient-rich water and waste they now have “on tap”.

If your home’s pipes are being taken over by tree roots you’ll soon know it. 

Signs Of Tree Root Infiltration In Your Pipes

For homeowners in Sydney, encountering blocked drains is quite common. The main line is the most important part of any plumbing system. If it gets blocked, it could cause several problems.

If problems recur every now and then, you can seek professional plumbing services from our team. We will help you identify the red flags and come up with the most suitable solution for your problem.

If you have a tree root infiltration causing your blocked drains, there are some warning signs to look for. Here are some signs of blockage you should not ignore:

  1. Clogged drains quite frequently
  2. Gradual draining
  3. Gurgling sounds in your drains
  4. Constant kitchen sink and toilet clogs
  5. Sewer cleanout overflow
  6. Changes in water pressure
  7. Irregular lawn features like sunken, sodden grass or excessively overgrown, fertile areas.
  8. Odours and strange sounds coming from your drains and pipes
  9. Sudden increase in your water bill
  10. Loss of water pressure in all fixtures

How Exactly Does Pipe Relining Work?

Pipe relining works by repairing a damaged pipe or sewer line pipe by creating an all-new, strong pipe inside the damaged pipe. 

Please refer to this video for a visual.

At Sydney Relining Company, our professional team cures the damaged pipe from inside with the help of the unique two-part epoxy resin.

The resin is pulled through the pipe by using some advanced machinery. The resin is then expanded to result in the formation of hard fiberglass for creating a stronger, long-lasting new pipe. 

At Sydney Relining Company we are partnered with Brawoliner to provide inversion pipe relining. The Brawoliner system is advanced, German technology (which we went to Germany to learn). The benefits include: 

  1. Brawoliner will handle several bends and junctions plus changes in pipe diameter.
  2. It is highly resistant to chemicals.
  3. It’s designed to last 50 years!
  4. It is a ‘no dig’ solution.
  5. Can be ‘cured’ within the day. 

The new pipe is around 4 times stronger than a new PV pipe and boasts a 50-year life expectancy. Therefore, it is perfect for sewer pipe repair projects.

The setting or hardening of the resin produces a fully operational channel without the hassle of any daunting digging process.

Due to the use of flexible materials, pipe relining is effective in repairing bent or angled pipes. The process can also be used on inspection pits and pipe junctions with the help of skilled professionals. 

Pipe relining is extensively used on various pipe sizes. Moreover, it can also be leveraged for pipelines across longer distances –around 200 meters for a single liner.

You can hire our team of licensed plumbers in Sydney to survey your area and assess the pipe damage. Our team will ensure if pipe relining is the best method for your home.

Top Benefits of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is chosen by many Sydney homeowners for several reasons. Here are some benefits of pipe relining for your plumbing system:

#No Need for Excavation

If you wish to remain hassle-free during a pipe repair project, opt for pipe relining. As the process is simple, there is minimal disruption for your property and the neighbours. As the process only involves digging a hole for inserting the lining, there is no need for excavation.

#Ease of Installation

Conventional pipe repair methods like sewer pipe replacement can take several days to dig and clean up the area. Pipe relining is hassle-free and takes minimal time. We aim to have your pipe relining job started and completed on the same day. Therefore, it is the best solution for people having busy schedules. It takes less than a day time to complete the project. 

There is no detailed monitoring involved in this project. You only need the assistance of our experienced and licensed plumbers to complete the job professionally. 

#Reduced Costs

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to repair the sewer pipes? Pipe relining is highly convenient as it is less expensive in comparison to other traditional “dig and replace” pipe repair methods.
Our pipe relining experts deliver services with utmost precision.

#Long Lasting 

If you dig and replace a broken or cracked pipe, there is no guarantee you won’t have to repeat that process over and over. Especially if your property is prone to tree root infiltration! 

With pipe relining, the new pipe is stronger, more durable and has a longer life expectancy with 50-years being the average lifetime of relined pipes. Relined pipes are also impenetrable by tree roots. You’ll squash those nasty roots once and for all. This helps in minimizing the costs of future repairs.

#Preserving the Landscape

Is the damaged pipe under an area that is hard to access? Will there be repairs in your property needed for replacing the pipes? Or, will a portion of your backyard or lawn be dug up for replacing the pipe? A broken pipe does not necessarily imply a dug-up property or garden area. With pipe relining, there is no such need. With a small hole made, the damaged pipe can be easily repaired. As such, your landscape will be preserved effectively. 

#Efficient Water Flow 

Your new, clean relined pipes (free from blockages and debris) will handle the demand of flowing water and waste through your plumbing system like never before. 

To answer your question; yes pipe relining works. 

When you reline your pipes you are fixing the problem, not just the symptom. You are attacking the root cause of your plumbing issues and ensuring you give your property’s pipes the best possible care. 

If you are still not sure whether or not to investigate pipe relining as the answer to your pipe’s issues, you can contact our professional team now on 0480 024 323 we’ll talk you through your options and can organise for one of our professional team to visit your property and assess the condition of your pipes as a first step.