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Sydney Pipe Relining Can you reline a Stormwater drain?
  • August 06, 2021
  • William

Is your home’s stormwater drain causing plumbing issues and needs replacing? In such a scenario, digging up the entire landscape and replacing the drain pipes have become quite obsolete. Nowadays, experts can reline your stormwater drain to ensure the best outcomes with minimal impact.

So a common question we get asked is “Does Pipe Relining Actually Work?” and “What is Pipe Relining?” and “Can You Reline A Stormwater Drain?” 

This article will aim to answer your pipe relining questions and set your mind at ease. 

Before we start, if you’re in the midst of finding a local, trusted, pipe relining company in Sydney and you want a quick and easy-to-understand quote, please contact our team at Sydney Relining Company now on 0480 024 323.

OK, let’s go!

Can You Reline A Stormwater Drain?

Through the process of Pipe relining it means that Yes, we can reline entire stormwater drains or sewer lines or patches to repair short or small sections. Relined pipes have smoother, faster flow through them and the best news for Sydneysiders is that relined pipes are virtually impenetrable to tree roots. 

Drain relining is increasingly becoming famous because of the wide range of benefits it offers. Sydney Relining Company is an expert in the field of trenchless pipe relining. We are adept at the latest pipe relining techniques to make sure that we are offering the best-in-class services to our clients throughout Australia. 

Through our professional stormwater drain pipe relining Sydney services, we can locate as well as identify any issues in the drains or sewer lines without digging the surface. Moreover, we can also rectify the given issue through robotic cutting or water jetting to prevent future problems by installing a strong, long-lasting pipe.

In this post, let us help you know how pipe relining can help in resolving stormwater drain issues.

What is Pipe Relining?

Known as a “no-dig” solution, Pipe Relining is considerably less impactful than any other pipe repair option, especially for sewer lines and stormwater drains. It’s quiet, quick and clean, which is why it’s becoming the go-to service for our Sydney clients who are looking for a long term solution that won’t disrupt the home or garden.

Pipe relining aims at repairing your pipes by curing them directly from the inside with the help of a special resin. 

The new pipe is achieved by a two-part epoxy resin being pulled through and “set” within the existing pipe. The resin can cure with time to develop another strong or even stronger pipe than the original.

In the method of pipe relining, the resin serves to be the key to cure a pipe. A felt tube that is saturated with the resin is used in the process. The pipe is usually made out of a specialised material, including fibreglass or polyester. The pipe, along with the resin, is then used to impregnate for pipe curing. Finally, the pipe gets inserted into the damaged pipe. 

The resin hardens, is set and forms another new pipe within the broken or damaged pipe.

The insertion occurs at the access point, which serves to be upstream. Insertion from the downstream access point might be possible. However, as the process is risky, it is mostly avoided.

The process of pipe relining is regarded as the trench-less mechanism. This is because minimal to no digging is involved in the given trench-less process. This would make the relining process a highly cost-effective method. It also makes the process a highly less intensive one in comparison to conventional ‘digging and replacing’ methods of pipe repairs.

What Is Your Stormwater Drain?

Stormwater drains are designed to safely transport large volumes of rainwater away from your home and property and back into our waterways. When it rains, water runs off outdoor surfaces such as roofs, streets, roads and open spaces into the nearest stormwater drain. 

Major rainfall events in Sydney have revealed the importance of stormwater drains for the overall safety of the population. Stormwater that is not managed properly turns out to be a menace threatening the property and the environment.

Your home’s stormwater drain should only be used for rainwater, it’s not a place to sweep debris, litter or pour any debris or rubbish into.

Your stormwater drain is separate from your main sewer drain. Your main sewer drain carries wastewater to a sewage treatment facility where it’s chemically treated before being reintroduced to the natural environment. 

A stormwater drain will look like a sunken drain in your backyard or concreted outside area, a grated drain on the street or a slab covered open drain on the side of the road. You could have a downpipe connected straight into a stormwater drain near your home also. 

Can You Reline My Stormwater Drain? 

Yes, pipe relining can work for all types of pipes and drains, including Stormwater Drains. In fact, we can reline entire stormwater drains or sewer lines or patches of small sections of pipe. The result will see a stronger pipe and drain network, impenetrable by tree roots with a smoother, faster flow of water. Relined pipes are 100% leak-proof and the workmanship is guaranteed for 35 years.

As an added bonus, at Sydney Relining Company we are committed to the pipe health of all our relining customers so we carry out 12 monthly inspections free of charge for your peace of mind. 

The Cost of Pipe Relining

In Australia, the overall cost of a pipe relining project ranges from $400 to $500 per meter of relined pipe.  The overall labour and setup costs are determined on a per job basis. So you can expect to pay upwards of $2500 for every project. However, the costs might vary depending on specific factors.

Some of the key cost factors for a pipe relining project are:

Labour time
Relining material
Ease of access to the drainage pipes (involving a small amount of digging or cutting)
Location of pipe damage with respect to its access
The material with which the pipe is made 
Length of the pipework that is damaged
The overall diameter of the pipework that is damaged
Number of breaks and the subsequent lengths
Re-building of pipe connections after PVC pipe relining

The Benefits of Pipe Relining 

Pipe relining is chosen by many Sydney homeowners for several reasons. Here are some benefits of pipe relining for your plumbing system:

#No Need for Excavation

If you wish to remain hassle-free during a pipe repair project, opt for pipe relining. As the process is simple, there is minimal disruption for your property and the neighbours. As the process only involves digging a hole for inserting the lining, there is no need for excavation.

#Ease of Installation

Conventional pipe repair methods like sewer pipe replacement can take several days to dig and clean up the area. Pipe relining is hassle-free and takes minimal time. We aim to have your pipe relining job started and completed on the same day. Therefore, it is the best solution for people having busy schedules. It takes less than a day time to complete the project. 

There is no detailed monitoring involved in this project. You only need the assistance of our experienced and licensed plumbers to complete the job professionally. 

#Reduced Costs

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to repair the sewer pipes? Pipe relining is highly convenient as it is less expensive in comparison to other traditional “dig and replace” pipe repair methods.
Our pipe relining experts deliver services with utmost precision.

#Long Lasting 

If you dig and replace a broken or cracked pipe, there is no guarantee you won’t have to repeat that process over and over. Especially if your property is prone to tree root infiltration! 

With pipe relining, the new pipe is stronger, more durable and has a longer life expectancy with 50-years being the average lifetime of relined pipes. Relined pipes are also impenetrable by tree roots. You’ll squash those nasty roots once and for all. This helps in minimizing the costs of future repairs.

#Preserving the Landscape

Is the damaged pipe under an area that is hard to access? Will there be repairs in your property needed for replacing the pipes? Or, will a portion of your backyard or lawn be dug up for replacing the pipe? A broken pipe does not necessarily imply a dug-up property or garden area. With pipe relining, there is no such need. With a small hole made, the damaged pipe can be easily repaired. As such, your landscape will be preserved effectively. 

#Efficient Water Flow 

Your new, clean relined pipes (free from blockages and debris) will handle the demand of flowing water and waste through your plumbing system like never before. 

It is important to manage stormwater on your property. With the implementation of the right pipe relining techniques under the supervision of experts, you can extend the life of your drainage pipes extensively. 

Why Choose Sydney Relining Company To Reline Your Stormwater Drain?

As a family-owned and run company, we offer the best solutions for your pipe relining needs. We would never suggest a service that is not suitable (or necessary) for your property and pipes.

What is necessary to determine whether your stormwater drain require relining is an on-site inspection. You need to choose a pipe relining company that takes the time to ‘get expert eyes’ on your pipes before giving you any quote or guarantee. Please take the time to find a service provider who will do this.

At Sydney Relining Company we typically carry out an on-site inspection of your property’s pipes with a pipe camera hooked up to a CCTV so we can see exactly what is happening inside your pipes, whether there are any obstacles that would get in the way of a pipe relining job and assess access points, and the set up of the plumbing system. Only then, we can provide you with a thorough and easy-to-understand quote detailing your options for fixing your pipe issues.

At Sydney Relining Company we can visit your property and inspect your specific needs, explain the process of relining your pipes and give you a simple quote with a breakdown of how we work and how we’d handle your property’s needs. 

For the best outcomes, you can speak with our team at Sydney Relining Company. Chat to us today by calling 0420 102 202.